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Best known example of electric motor is the tram

The electric motor is the machine responsible for making the electrical energy is transformed into mechanical energy. By connecting the electric motor on the network, it absorbs a specific amount of energy and then makes a load moves. This electric motor operating principle can be easily observed on a tram.

As in motor gasoline, where energy is harnessed through combustion, the electric motor has its fuel into electrical energy best 450 emp products.

Normally, the electric motor has two parts which are: the stator which can also be called a carcass which is fixed and the rotor is the rotating part of the electric motor.

The electric motor rating is given by the way it absorbs electricity. The electric motor can be alternating current, single-phase, three-phase electric motor or DC.

DC electric motor is a more expensive device

The electric motor is a widely used device in order to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy and this type of engine is the most used because it is easy to transport, economic, its cost is low and both the maintenance and the no command They are difficult to perform olp.

Because of the great need to save the ozone layer of greenhouse gases, using the electric motor is large scale in cars because the electric motor helps to save energy and also to emit gases that harm the environment.

The principle of the electric motor is basically related to electromagnetism, for drivers who are in the magnetic field are crossed by electric current and thus suffer from the action of a mechanical force is called torque.

In the market for sale are the electric motor with direct current and alternating current. the value of the DC electric motor is more expensive because it is coupled to a device that performs the conversion of alternating current to direct.